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ccokys Favorite Routines  1/?

Guns out, Hands up. Here we go, lets roll.”

California Coed 2013

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Our Beautiful Celeste Alvarez is facing a battle that no 13 year old should face. She now sits awaiting surgey for a brain tumor that surfaced just this Sunday. She awaits surgery to have it removed and has a long road of recovery ahead of her. Insurance will not even begin to cover medical bills that will soon start filling up her families mail box. The doctors also found a mass in her lungs which will need more medical attention and testing as soon as her tumor is diagnosed. Please come along side this family and help with any amount that is pressed upon your heart. There is no donation too small or too big. The family and all of her friends thank you in advance for the outpoor of love and prayers. We believe in the healing hand of God and put all our trust in him to heal this precious girl. For now we wait and pray Psalms 46:10 Be Still and know that I am God….

DONATE to PCMs Celeste

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Ali is so bae wow. She’s so sweet and nice and she was one of the first people to ever talk to me on here and she’s a fucking 10 wow

daaaaaawww tysm ily

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Top Cali uniforms

coed ?-2010
coed 2013 
elite 2011 
ops 2013
2012 program uni

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top 5 restricted teams

fuck i only know so fab and snipers

Anonymous said:
Top 5 Cali teams

so fab

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Top 5 dances 2012-2013?

 elites worlds dance
gt black
fuck i cant think of any more